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<span class="highlight">langsites</span>.com</h1>


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<ul><li><a href="Oldindex.html#Multi">Multilingual<br>Wordlists</a></li>

<li><a href="Oldindex.html#Basic">Basic<br>Vocabulary</a></li>

<li><a href="Oldindex.html#1000">Your First<br>1000 Words</a></li>

< <li><a href="Oldindex.html#Lang">Search by language</a></li>

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< a site for language nerds with resources in more than 30 langages<br><br>

< <br>

now with Esperanto!


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<h3><a href="Oldindex.html#Multi">Multilingual<br>Wordlists</a></h3>

<p id="border">thematic multilingual wordlists in lots of languages</p>


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<h3><a href="Oldindex.html#Basic">Basic<br>Vocabulary</a></h3>

<p id="border">18 languages<br>

300-400 words</p>


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<h3><a href="Oldindex.html#1000">Your First<br>1000 Words</a></h3>

< <p>7 languages<br>more to come</p>


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<h3><a href="Oldindex.html#Lang">Search by language</a></h3>

<p id="border"><a href="Oldindex.html#Lang">all files by language<br>

<a href="Oldindex.html#Grammar">Grammar Guides<br>

<a href="Oldindex.html#Dict">Dictionary Projects</a><br>more</a></p>



<marquee> Arabic French German Italian Spanish Romanian Dutch Danish Swedish Norwegian Esperanto Russian Polish Czech Slovenian

Slovak Finnish Hindi Hebrew Chinese Maltese Egyptian Arabic Lebanese Lithuanian Moroccan,

Croatian Latvian Estonian</marquee>



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<a href="index.html">langsites.com</a>